Scooty puff jr

Nibbler (left) and Philip J. Fry I holding the Scooty-Puff, Jr. (right)

The Scooty-Puff, Jr. is the vehicle Philip J. Fry I receives from Nibbler so he can infiltrate the Brain Spawn's secret base, the Infosphere. It has a wind-up mechanism and it resembles a child's toy. However, it falls apart when Fry tries to wind it to escape.

Fry is transported to the past to stop entering the future when Nibbler stops him. Fry shouts "Just remember that Scooty Puff Jr. sucks!" when he is going back to the future. Nibbler bears this in mind.

The Scooty-Puff, Jr. is superseded by the Scooty-Puff, Sr., on Fry's second attempt to destroy the Brain Spawn Infosphere.

Appearances Edit

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