• Bendee Boo and the Mystery Crew is a parody of "Scooby Doo Meets The Harlem Globetrotters"
  • Purpleberry Pond is a parody of "Strawberry Shortcake" & "The Smurfs."
  • G.I. Zapp is a parody of "G.I. Joe".
  • The episode does on multiple occasions hint at some production "trademarks" during the cartoons, such as:
    • In Bendy Boo you can see dirt on the animation cel when the Delivery machine is moving.
    • In the establishing shot before the bed scene the camera is pulled too far and a writing can be seen on the Backgroung ce: "Establishing Shot - Use in every Episode".
    • In the Purpleberry Pond segment, the characters talk about their "healthy Purpleberries" with cut-in commercials of the Sugar-saturated Purpleberry Cereals. In contrary to the parents' initial concern, the show makes it seem like it shows healthy nutrition but advertises the same object as unhealthy product. Also the Cereal Girl in the commercial gets wider every time.
    • Also lampoons the fact that many cartoons were just used as cheaper and more influencial advertisments.

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