• Bendee Boo - Larry Byrd: Hi. This is Larry Bird calling. Listen, my agent sent me that cartoon script, and I've decided I don't want to be involved in any way. (Beep)
  • Purpleberry Pond - Professor: "I must get my hands on those healthy Purple Berries!" Zoidberg: "Bort."
  • Nixon: "Rosemary! Have we got any type of machinery to edit tape?" Rosemary: "Oh, you know we do!"
  • As the GI Zapps shout their violent names parachuting; Nixon attempts to dub in more appropriate lines. Leela - "Nut Cracker!" Nixon - "That's no name for a woman, we'll just call her...Pat!" Hermes- "Water Board!" Nixon- "Helpful Johnny!" Amy- "Box Cutter!" Nixon - "Powderpuff!" Bender: "Orphan Crippler!" Nixon - "Uh...pass."

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