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Saturday Morning Fun Pit
Futurama and Friends
Episode 133
Production Code 7ACV19
Season 10
Air date July 17, 2013
Directed By Crystal Chesney-Thompson
Written By Patrick M. Verrone
Guests Larry Bird
George Takei
Opening subtitle Not known yet
Opening cartoon Nothing
Preceded by The Inhuman Torch
Followed by Calculon 2.0

Saturday Morning Fun Pit is the 133rd episode of Futurama and the 6th of Season 10 (broadcast).


Earth President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew sit down to watch some Saturday morning cartoons starring the Futurama crew.

The first cartoon is Bendee Boo and the Mystery Crew. In this episode the gang find that George Takei's Kabuki theatre and the Professor's cloning lab (where the clones of Larry Bird are being made) are being haunted by a dragon ghost. Eventually it is revealed that the ghost was George Takei in disguise.

They then watch Purpleberry Pond after putting in a call to Hollywood that the public want the government to regulate children's programming to have helpful lessons shoehorned in. In Purpleberry Pond, the characters encourage healthy eating, having fun with others, and not judging people because they're different. Throughout there are commercials for Sugar Blasted Purpleberry Puffs cereal, a new one coming on whenever a new element is introduced. When Orangeberries are introduced, orange pieces are added to the cereal, and when the Berry Burglar (Professor Farnsworth) fires a sugarball bomb at Purpleberry Pond, the cereal introduces its new sugar coating.

Lastly, they watch the G.I. Zapp cartoon, but end up re-editing it and eventually pulling it when the people claim it's too violent.

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