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Wendy (left) and Rusty (right)
Gender Male
Species Robot
Planet Chapek 9
Profession High school student
Status Deceased
First appearance "Fear of a Bot Planet"
Voiced by Phil LaMarr
"Relax, Wendy. Humans will never come to our defenseless little town. It's perfectly safe to let our guard down - even for a second."

Rusty was a main character in a robot horror film that Philip J. Fry and Turanga Leela watched on Chapek 9. Rusty was on a date with Wendy, when he was killed by the human.


  • If you look closely when the Human holds Rusty`s head, you can see the wires.
  • Although Bender Bending Rodríguez is able to remove his head, Rusty would not be able to because of the wires.


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