Big rock alien
Gender Nuchacho
Species Rock alien
Planet Neutopia
Status Deceased
First appearance Neutopia
Voiced by David Herman

Big rock alien was an inhabitant of Neutopia.

In June 3011, shle encountered the Planet Express crew and, confused by the concept of male and female, because the members of shle species are solely nuchachos, both neutered the crew and altered their genders. The rock alien was disintegrated by Zapp Brannigan as shle was about to return the Earthicans their genders.

Appearances Edit

Rock Alien

Big rock alien


"Test 1:Who can drink the most sulphur?"

"Test 2:Who can drink the most arsenic?"


  • His appearance is similar to that of the Rockmen in the Steam PC game FTL: Faster Than Light. The Borax Kid appears similar to the Crystal race from the same.

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