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Santa Claus
Gender Male
Species Robot
Age 212
Planet Neptune
Profession Santa Claus
First appearance Xmas Story
Voiced by John Goodman
John DiMaggio
"You DARE bribe Santa?! I'm gonna shove coal so far up your stocking, you'll be coughing up diamonds!"
Robot Santa Claus[source]

The Robot Santa Claus is one of the main antagonists in Futurama. He is a four ton robot designed by The Friendly Robot Company, possibly a precursor to Mom's Friendly Robot Company, in 2801 to judge whether people were naughty or nicе and sort out presents accordingly. Due to a programming error, his standards were set way too high, and Santa Bot invariably judges everyone naughty with the exception of Zoidberg at least once. Every year on Xmas Eve, Santa comes to Earth on his robot-reindeer sleigh to punish the naughty, with extreme prejudice. It's said if someone is on the naughty list, and Robot Santa finds him or her, he will chop his or her head off and stuff his or her neck holes with toys from his sack of horrors. Usually though, he kills them using a variety of X-mas-themed murder devices and heavy ordnance.


Robot Santa Claus trapped in ice.

When not on his Xmas mass murder spree, he spends most of the year in his Death fortress at the North Pole of the planet Neptune, where he watches the people of Earth doing naughty things on a series of giant monitors, Big Brother style. A shantytown village named Jolly Junction lies at the base of his fortress, inhabited by unpaid, undersized, and underfed elf-dressed Neptunians.

Robot Santa Claus has proven quite resilient, having survived burning spaceship exhaust, explosions, and even survived listening to logical paradoxes, something, which destroys other robots, thanks to "paradox-absorbing crumple zones" built into his head.

Robot Santa Claus, though hostile to nearly everyone, apparently has a friendly acquaintances with Kwanzabot and the Chanuka Zombie.

When Nudist Alien Scammers gained possession of Earth, they also scammed Santa out of his Naughty List, leaving him unsure as to who he should kill, so he joined forces with the Planet Express crew to retake the planet.

Behind the scenes

Santa Bot was voiced by John Goodman in Xmas Story but in A Tale of Two Santas and Bender's Big Score he was voiced by John DiMaggio.


Simpsons: Season 8 Episode 15 Title Homer's Phobia. A possible early version sits in the back seat of John's car.



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