The Robot Invasion of Heaven is a short battle between Bender Bending Rodriguez, along with his robotic "Army of the Damned", and Yivo. It was depicted in The Beast with a Billion Backs.

Time LineEdit

One month after the events of Bender's Big Score, Earth is finally returning to normal. Philip J. Fry breaks up with his girlfriend and stows away on the Nimbus as Earth launches an attack on the anamoly caused by Bender's time duplicates all emerging from under New New York all at once. Fry hopes to have a new life on the other side of the anamoly. There, he meets a single being called Yivo, who begins attaching its tentacles to everyone in the universe. Leela discovers the tentacles are reproductive organs, forcing Yivo to reboot the relationship. Before Earth can break up with him, Yivo proposes to the universe and everyone leaves Earth, leaving the robots behind. Bender trades his first born son for an Army of the Damned to fight the humans, but they all leave before he can do anything. Fry writes a letter to Bender, unintentionally allowing him to use the letters electro matter to attack Yivo, slicing off several of his tenticles. This causes Yivo to break up with the universe and seal the anomaly.

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