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Robot Gypsy
Futurama robot gypsy
Gender Female
Species Robot
Planet Earth
Profession Psychic
Status Unknown
First appearance "The Honking"
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
"You have nothing to worry about, except a nightmarish life of unremitting horror."
Robot Gypsy to Bender

The Robot Gypsy is an automated novelty robot gypsy who offers her psychic services for money. Whether or not she has actual psychic powers is debatable. During the episode "The Honking", she was able to tell that Bender was a Were-Car just by looking at him. However, in the episode "Godfellas", she faked her communications with Bender in order to, admittedly, give false hope to Fry.

During the episode "Ghost in the Machines", her head explodes due to Bender's haunting. She presumably survived, however, as have many robots whose heads have exploded in the series.

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