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Robot God
Robot God (left) and Bender (right)
Gender Male
Species Robot
Planet Earth
First appearance "Ghost in the Machines"
Voiced by Phil LaMarr
"Shut up, god!"
"Beg pardon?"
Robot God[source]

The Robot God lives in Robot Heaven, which is up in the sky. In "Ghost in the Machines" Robot God pulled Bender out of Robot Hell, for the noble deed of saving Fry's life (by possessing the Robot Devil, the only technology that was on the planet of the incident) After Bender tried to possess the Robot God, he ejected Bender back to his body on Earth.

Notes Edit

  • Robot God resembles EVE from Disney and Pixar's WALL•E.
  • Robot God is able to resist being possesd by a robot ghost, unlike the Robot Devil.

Appearances Edit

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