"Robot chickens weren't made to be jammed in cubicles and forced to make eggs!"
"Actually, they was" - Bender and Farmerbot arguing.

General Attributes Edit

Robot Chickens are robot chickens that were made to be jammed into cubicles and forced to make eggs at the "Factory Fresh Robot Eggs" factory. They are about 1/3 of a meter (1 foot) wide and pretty much a perfect cube. Because of this, they are completely immobile, as their wing decals serve no purpose and their undersides have no legs - only a hole to dispense the freshly made eggs.

Head Edit

Their heads are also cube shaped, sticking out in the upper center of their heads. these heads have a red frill sticking out from the top of them, as well as large greenish eyes and a roundish opening beak that says "pkaw" whenever a egg gets laid. In addition to saying "pkaw" when eggs are lain, these heads are pulled in and subsequently released into their former positions.

Notes Edit

Only one robot chicken is actually seen with wing decals. the other ones have fully blank sides all around. This may be an animation error, or, the "robo hen" is special. Either way, it is the only one that has wing decals or a special ridge running throughout the center of it's sides.

Eggs Edit

Robot chickens are made to intake material from their tops and crush it down with their squarish bodies, and release them through their bottoms as robot eggs (we don't know what the eggs do) to be packaged, shipped out, and sold. (somehow) the eggs are about an inch in size and have an angular, polygonal shape. These eggs can be blasted out at enough momentum to fly multiple feet into the air.


The fact that they are a robot/chicken hybrid could be a reference to the Adult Swim show of the same name, Robot Chicken.

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