Robot 1-X
Gender Male
Species Robot
Planet Earth
Profession Household helper
Relatives Other 1-X robots
First appearance Obsoletely Fabulous
Voiced by Phil LaMarr
"When I screamed 'help' I didn't mean you!"
"I apologize. However, I was able to do your job before I saved your life."
Robot 1-X[source]

Robot 1-X was an upgraded version of regular robots. It, unlike other robots, took in pollution and breathed out pure oxygen, with a pine scent. It was also far more obedient and intelligent than other robots, and did jobs without complaining. Bender hated 1-X because of his "obvious superiority" and decided to get an upgrade to be compatible with it, similar to several robots like Roberto and Fatbot.


  • At the Robot Convention (Roboticon), there was a demonstration of Robot 1-X and Bender volunteered, only for Robot 1-X to humiliate him.

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