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Amy and Bender


Robosexuality referred to attraction or sexual behavior between a human and a robot. It is generally looked down upon, with Professor Farnsworth personally hating it because he had a past relationship stolen from him by a robot, only to realize his love was a robot. Oftentimes, it involves a human and a robot of the same gender. In the first episode, When Bender and Fry go into O'Zorgnax's Pub, Bender insinuates to Fry that he doesn't want people to think he's a Robosexual because he's hanging out with Fry. Fry and a Lucy-Liu bot become robosexual in I Dated a Robot. In Proposition Infinity Bender and Amy become robosexual. In America it is legal in New New York and Space Massachusetts. Proposition ∞ has been proposed to legalize robosexuality else where in America.

Real-World ConnectionsEdit

  • Robosexuality is actually true today, and has been classified by sexologists as a fetish.
  • Many people argue robosexuality in Futurama is a parody of how homosexuality is treated today.

Appearances Edit

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