• When the ship is crashing, Fry screams "We've lost power in the forward Game Boy! Mario not responding!", but it is seen he is holding a NES controller. There are SUPER GAMEBOY systems for SNES and N64, but not the NES, making that option irrelevant.
  • The size of the Nimbus varies - in other episodes, the ship is seen as city-sized, yet it crashes in a very small area in front of the laboratory, barely the width of the street.
  • When Bender is crawling out of the Cyclops-eater's mouth, he's briefly shown with his two eyes, while he's supposed to have only one. In the next scene he only has one eye again, putting his second eye back in.
  • During the final scenes where the Leela-Bot says "Let's ditch these meatbags!" and sheds her skin, the Wrist LoJack-a-mater (which the real Leela wears, but the Leela-bot does not) appears and disappears on her right wrist in the same shot.
  • In the last scene the Professor and Fry effortlessly lift Bender up in celebration, which is an amazing feat considering he weighs 525 pounds.
  • How could the Professor use the Sphere-O-Boom to save Bender when it was already destroyed in "Bender's Big Score"? The answer could be that the professor had a spare one locked away which the nudist alien scammers could not get to (or given the professor's forgetful nature, he simply mislaid it).
  • The Leela-bot and Fry-bot shed their 'skin' at the episode's end, but their robot appearance is not the same as when they were created at the Build-A-Bot Workshop. (Perhaps, as in the Clockwork Origin episode, they have evolved.)

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