Professional beach bully
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Profession Bully
Status Alive
First appearance When Aliens Attack
Voiced by John DiMaggio
"Huh, err, sir, you don't understand. I'm a professional beach bully. I pretend to steal your girl, you punch me, I go down, she swoons, you slip me 50 bucks."
Professional beach bully to Fry[source]

The Professional beach bully is a bully who destroys Philip J. Fry I's sandcastle, assuming that Turanga Leela is Fry's girlfriend. It turns out that he is being a bully for money so that people like Fry can look strong in front of their girlfriends by letting them beat him up. Leela asks him out but he refuses, saying, "Uh, no thanks ma'am, I'm actually gay!".

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