By 3000 there were various political parties in the Futurama universe.

The two main parties, the Tastycrats and Fingerlicans fielded the cloned candidates Jack Johnson and John Jackson (respecitvely) but were beaten by Richard M. Nixon's Head (running under an unknown third party).

Other fringe parties Edit

Party Picture Comment
Brain Slug Party Brain Slug Party They favor unreasonably huge subsidies to the Brain Slug homeworld.
Bull Space Moose Party Bull Space Moose Party Could refer to Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive party in 1912, also known as the Bull Moose Party
Dudes For the Legalation of of Hemp Dudes For The Legalation Of Of Hemp "Dave's not here man"
Green Party Green Party It is unknown whether this is the same Green Party of the 20th century
National Ray-Gun Association NRA Poster "Today, the mad scientist can't get a doomsday device, tomorrow it's the mad grad student. Where will it end?"
People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans PETH "Sure, humans are cute; but how else are we supposed to test cosmetics?"
Voter Apathy Party Voter Apathy Party "Sorry, not with that attitude"


  • One Cell, One Vote
  • Rainbow Whigs
  • Antisocialists

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