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Planet Express building
160 planet-express-building 1024
Planet Earth
City or town New New York
First appearance "Space Pilot 3000"

The Planet Express building, owned by Professor Hubert Farnsworth, is located in New New York city. It was built above a limestone cavern[1] and is the headquarters for Planet Express. The Professor, and presumably Dr. Zoidberg, are the only members of staff that actually live in the building, though Philip J. Fry initially lived there after being defrosted in the year 3000.

The building is divided into two sections. The smaller part is comprised of multiple floors and houses the offices and laboratories of the Professor. The larger section of the building is a hangar containing Planet Express ship, and has an automatic opening roof for takeoff and landing.


Angry dome

The Angry Dome

  • The Professor has a glass dome on the roof of the building which he calls his Angry Dome. He goes there when he is angry and paces around shouting and making angry gestures. [2]
  • The downstairs walrus tank in which Dwight and Cubert found the Anti-Backwards Crystal.[3]
  • Observatory where the crew uses the Smell-O-Scope.[4]
  • Hermes' and Zoidberg's offices.[5]
  • The Lounge.
  • The Accusing Parlor.[6]
  • Basement.
  • The Chamber of Understanding - A glass dome with a mirror ball in it, where Professor Farnsworth goes to think. [7]
  • The Calamatorium
  • The Mandatorium
  • The Chart Room
  • Farnsworth Lanes - A bowling alley that appears in The Inhuman Torch.

Real World Location

  • The building is located in New New York on what would be West 57th Street in New York, as said by David X. Cohen. However, John DiMaggio thinks that it looks a lot like a Queens street. The building is next to the Hudson River.[8] According to "Viva Mars Vegas", however, the Planet Express building is stated to be located on 72nd Street. In "The Inhuman Torch", the building is instead shown to be located in Battery Park City. 

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