Gender Male
Species Robot-Cyborg
Planet Earth
Profession Cybernetic oracle at New New York Police Department
First appearance "Law and Oracle"
Voiced by David Herman

Pickles was the oracle for the future crimes division until one night when Fry went to the Hedonismbot's house to stop Bender from stealing the Maltese Liquor he found out that Pickles was the culprit, to destroy his human brain cells and live in bliss/ignorance. Fry then fires at Pickles and the bullet bounces off of the invisible case and hits Bender. Pickles then shoots Fry only to find out they both had bullet proof vests, and that two of the future crime division officers were hiding in "prediction proof glass" and then is later arrested.


Minority Report (2002) Based off the story by Phillip K. Dick.

Oracle pickles