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Philip J. Fry II
Phillip J. Fry II
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 97
Planet Earth
Profession Musician
Oil baron
Relatives See Family Tree
Status Deceased
First appearance "The Luck of the Fryish"
Voiced by Baby: Lauren Tom
Adult: Tom Kenny
"Philip J. Fry II: Astronaut, philanthropist, entrepreneur; was a great man truly worthy of narration. Fry was the first man on Mars... a feat that has never since been equaled."
Anonymous film narrator[source]

Philip Joe Fry II (born April 21, 2003 - May 8, 2100) was the first man on Mars, also known for his fantastical good fortune. He was the son Yancy Fry making him Fry's nephew.

His fantastic good fortune is accredited to his possession of a seven leaf clover. While the clover was originally found by his uncle, it was given to him by his father, Yancy Fry, after he discovered it in Fry's copy of The Breakfast Club Soundtrack while looking for music to clear out the reception hall after his wedding.

History Edit

At a young age he made his fortune after striking oil in the bathroom of the mansion he had won in a lottery. After a "whirlwind fling" with Icelandic supermodel, Njörd, his band Leaf Seven had scored a string of top-ten hits, who were known for their "hypnotic rhythms, driving baselines, and memorable hooks". He was the first man on Mars, Amy's home planet. The reason he is so lucky and famous is that his father, Yancy Fry Jr., named him after his uncle and presented him with Fry's lucky clover. 

Time Paradox Duplicate IssuesEdit

Originally, Philip J. Fry II would never meet his uncle though this change due to the events of Bender's Big Score in which the time paradox duplicate of Fry that would eventually become Lars Fillmore was around between the year 2000 before returning to the future in 2012. These event rewrote the life of Phillip J. Fry II as defined The Luck of the Fryrish as a result of Philip J. Fry I's return it is unlikely he was given the seven leafed clover from his father or rather it was directly given to him by his uncle himself. It also likely he was given his name for another reason as his father Yancy would have no reason to miss his brother. It is possible that he was named after duplicate fry's disappearance to find Leelu and after Bender destroyed Panucci' Pizza as it was never shown of Philip I telling his family of his voyage. However, Philip II was around four or five when Bender visited his family home making it impossible for him to have been born around the time of the voyage.

In Bender's Big Score Edit

During Bender's Big Score, he makes an appearance as young boy where his father tells him Bender is the door to see him. Philip II greets Bender asking the robot if he is made of tinker toy while Bender wonders if he got taller after twelve years of searching for Fry until the latter's nephew insulted him, however this ceased after the robot took out a rather large Ray-Gun and threatened him. Philip J. Fry II then told Bender that he was looking for Philip J. Fry I who went to the North Pole which was unknowingly sending Bender in the direction of the Paradox-duplicate of Fry, who would later take up the identity of Lars instead of the original Fry (who was currently frozen in the cryogenic tube).


He looks something like his uncle, as well possessing a similar attitude to him as he was amazed by Bender at first before repeatedly insulting the robot.


Philip II's grave would later be visited by his uncle who believed his brother Yancy used his clover to become rich and famous. Determined to get back his clover, he went to the space grave yard and dug up the grave where he found out that the grave was not his brother's but his nephew who was named after him. Upon learning this, Fry realized the true secret to his history and now knowing that someone from his time did miss him when he disappeared decided he didn't want to take back the clover and placed it back in his nephew's grave.

Family TreeEdit

Mr. Gleisner──┬──Mrs. Gleisner Philip J. Fry──┬──Mildred
              │                                   │
           Mrs. Fry───────────┬────────────Yancy Fry, Sr.
                        ┌─────────┴─────────┐                   (?)─┬─David  Farnsworth
                        │                   │                       │
Turanga Leela -Philip J. Fry        Yancy Fry──┬──Unknown (Many generations}      
                                                           │        │
                                            Philip J. Fry II──┬──Njörd(?)
                                                           │        │
                                                  (Many generations)│
                                                           │        │
                                                           │        │
                                                 Grandma Farnsworth
                              Velma Farnsworth─────────┬────────Ned Farnsworth

(?)Wernstrom────┬───Mom──┬──Hubert J. FarnsworthClone-O-Mat Floyd Farnsworth

                   │            │                          │               
                ┌──┴───┐   Igner            Cubert Farnsworth
                │      │         
            Walt   Larry

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  • While his grave was shown as Fry attempted to retrieve his lucky clover but the body was never shown leading some fans to speculate if his head had been preserved. It is unlikely but not impossible as famous people tend to add " their heads" to their name once they are preserved in this manner which could explain the grave.

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