Alternate Philip J. Fry I
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 2043 (chronological), 36-42 (physical)
Planet Earth (Universe 1)
Profession Intergalactic delivery boy
Relatives 30x Nephew: Alternate Hubert
Wife: Alternate Leela
and alternate family from alternate 20th century
Status Alive
First appearance The Farnsworth Parabox
Voiced by Billy West

Philip J. Fry I is a minor character in Futurama. He is the Universe 1 version of Philip J. Fry I. Alternate Fry and Leela went out on a date after Alternate Leela tossed a coin and came up tails. Alternate Philip I and Leela were married. Philip I proposed with a diamond scrunchie.


He looks similar to Philip I from Universe A, except that he wears a green jacket instead of the red jacket Philip I from Universe A wears, has black hair instead of orange hair, light yellow jeans instead of blue jeans, and red shoes instead of black shoes.