Peoples α is the planet of gangs, thugs, and hustlers. It is controlled by two rival gangs — the Blips and the Cruds. A lot of ships get stolen there.

In 3013, the crew went to Peoples α to deliver a crate to the blips. [7ACV21] The crate, which contained guns, was a gift from the Cruds, who sent it as a sign of trust, so that, together, the two gangs could rid their streets of the real enemy — giant spiders. However, because Bender had bent the guns, both a group of Blips and a group of Cruds accidentally shot themselves.

During the delivery, Bender stayed with the ship, to prevent it from being stolen, and all of his body parts except for his eyes and his mouth were stolen.

Locations Edit

  • Scenic Detroit
  • Blip Turf
  • Blipton

Trivia Edit

  • The concept of a planet run by gangs may be a reference to the Star Trek episode "A Piece of the Action".
    • In "Love and Rocket", Zoidberg says that two gangster planets were destroyed by the Romanticorp candy hearts.
    • In "The Cure for the Common Clod", Bender says that the crew is on the planet with the civilization based on a book about gangster films.
  • The concept of a planet whose inhabitants are separated based on different placement of the same two colors is reminiscent of the planet Cheron, as seen in the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield".
  • Peoples α is very similar in color and design to the city of Detroit in the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where rival gangs are a major plot point.
  • Blipton is a reference to Compton, California, which is in the vicinity of where the African American gangs the Bloods and the Crips — the namesake of the blips and the Cruds — originated. It may also be a reference to the tea brand Lipton.

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