Pauly Shore
Gender Male
Species Human
Planet Earth
Profession Actor
First appearance The Cryonic Woman
Voiced by Himself
"[To Fry, after Michelle dumps him] It's better to have loved and lost, n'est ce pas?"
Pauly Shore[source]

Paul Montgomery "Pauly" Shore (born February 1, 1968) was an American actor. When Fry had unfrozen his girlfriend, Michelle, she had difficulties adjusting to life in the 31st century. Hoping to start anew, she decided to freeze both herself and Fry for another thousand years. However, they used his tube. When the people rushing him to Los Angeles for the thousandth anniversary of Jury Duty II discovered he was not in the tube, they abandoned the tube, still containing Fry and Michelle, in the ditch. Later, he began a relationship with Michelle.




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