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Goofs Edit

  • In the scene where Leela is coming back at Planet Express, she comes in the conference room from the door behind Fry and Bender. However in the next scene, she is seen in front of the other door.
  • In a flashback, Professor Farnsworth accepts the license agreement after purchasing Bender. This is strange because in Space Pilot 3000, Bender quit work in a factory bending girders for suicide booths and was not purchased by Professor Farnsworth.
  • Bender says that human emotion no longer troubles him. However when he finds out Fry talked with Randy Bender gets angry and jealous both anger and Jealousy are two human emotions.
  • This, however, may be intentional, as it shows that Bender still has some of his old personality left in him.
  • That is the whole point of a joke. A real goof is putting it here as a goof.

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