The Opening Credits always appear at the beginning of a Futurama episode.

Synopsis Edit

The opening credits begin with the Futurama logo and a caption that is different every time. The Planet Express ship flies through the logo into New New York. There, the camera goes past Transport Tubes, billboards and other parts of the city showing Hover Cars and buildings. The camera then stops at a big screen showing a real-life video clip, usually a cartoon. It then shows the producers names, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. The Planet Express Ship crashes into it. The music is inspired by French composer Pierre Henry's Psyché Rock, by Christopher Tyng.

Alienese Edit

  • The three Alienese signs read “rent a human”, "3D Rulez" and "tasty human burgers".

Billboards Edit

There are many billboards throughout the sequence. Some are:

Pipe-line sightingsEdit

  • Entire Main Cast
  • Man with hook for hand with headphones on
  • Man reading paper headlined "MOON PIE FIGHT IN MARS BAR"
  • Lady with pink hair

Variations Edit

There have been some variations to this. These are:

In season six on Comedy Central the title credits are shortened in length removing the cartoon shown on the screen that the ship crashes into (or out of in The Beast with a Billion Backs and Bender's Game). The only episodes to have the full opening sequence are Rebirth, That Darn Katz!, and Benderama.

In the season 7 episode The Duh-Vinci Code, the crew travels to Rome through "FutuROMEa" letters, just like "Futurama" in the opening sequence.

Characters Edit

Appearances Edit

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