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Bender: Behold my handcrafted purity! The modern world can bite my splintery, wooden ass!

Waterwheel Robot:OH, GOD!! NO!! I WANT TO LIVE!!

Bender:(to hog) Hey, I should be mad at you! Now, turn around.

Bender:(offscreen)Wooh! I love that old bat!

Leela:Oh, lord, he's made of wood. What now, Bender?

Prof. Farnsworth:Yes! For God's sakes, yes!

Prof. Farnsworth:You whanged my ship, you walnut-panelled idiot!

Bender:That new robot is great, huh? He sure made me look like a pile of crap!

Bender:I hate him!

Bender:When I screamed "Help!", I didn't mean you!

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