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The Nimbus rushing to the defense of her home planet.

The Nimbus (registry BP-1729) is the flagship of the Democratic Order of Planets star fleet and has often been involved in various examples of galactic warfare and other governmental matters. Under the command of 25-Star General Zapp Brannigan, with Lieutenant Kif Kroker as his second in command, the Nimbus has been damaged by enemy forces on several occasions, but each time the ship has been rebuilt in time for Brannigan to lead it to unnecessary danger.

Armaments Edit

Tactical Laser Edit

  • The Nimbus has a tactical laser mounted on the crest on its "forehead" to make delicate cuts, which has three settings: STUN, KILL, and HYPERDEATH™. During the ceremonial opening of new the DOOP headquarters, Zapp accidentally used this laser on Hyperdeath setting to cut the space station in two, for which he was briefly kicked out of the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) in 3000.

Spike lasers Edit

  • The Nimbus's primary weapon seems to be its laser cannons mounted on the front of the two forward facing spikes. It has at least enough power to cripple the Planet Express and can fire off axis.

Point Defense laser Edit

  • The Nimbus also has at least one rapid firing point-defense laser cannon.
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Homing missiles Edit

  • The Nimbus has been seen firing conventional, seeking missiles at the Planet Express ship.

Universe-To-Universe Missile Edit

  • The ship's most powerful missile, the Universe-To-Universe Missile (UUM) is capable of destroying an entire universe.

Locations and Features Edit

Bridge Edit

  • The main location for happenings on the ship.

Holo-Shed Edit

  • A recreation area for the crew of the Nimbus, the Holo-shed seems to regularly malfunction, causing the holograms to come to life.

Lovenasium Edit

  • Zapp Brannigan's quarters, which he has dubbed the Lovenasium, is garishly decorated in velour and contain a hovering heart-shaped bed. Zapp has placed paintings and statues of himself, such as a portrait hanging over his bed, of Zapp in a pose mocking Aaron Shikler's posthumous portrait of John F. Kennedy.

Cafeteria Edit

  • Where the crew of the Nimbus eat and socialize.

Sick Bay and Horta Burn Clinic Edit

Size Edit

  • The Nimbus is a large capital ship with its own hangar and many levels, however its exact size is ambiguous. The scale of the ship appears to change, even in the same episode. The Nimbus has at least 14 decks, as seen when the front of it was chopped off.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • The Nimbus features a trap door which was used by Zapp to dump soldiers onto the surface of Spheron I.
  • A stowaway hatch for unauthorized personnel.
  • A lint trap.
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    The Trap Door

Trivia Edit

  • The Nimbus is a parody of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek: The Original Series and the USS Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The white hull color, rotating nacelle at the rear, appearance of a Dr. McCoy-like doctor in the ship's sickbay and the presence of a holodeck-like system all serve to reinforce this fact.
  • The design of the ship is a perfect example of the show's populuxe style and shares some design traits from early 20th century cars. Most notably the front end is borrowed from the 1930 Cord and the "grille" is of the first generation Chevrolet Corvette.

Appearances Edit