Nigel 7
First appearance "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch"

Nigel 7 is a planet the Planet Express crew went to for a delivery of pills. It is apparently home to a Hive Mind of some description which required the pills for headache relief. Amy, lonely for Kif, took advantage of the rest of the crew sleeping and rerouted the Planet Express ship to the Nimbus. In "Holiday Spectacular", the crew went to the planet to collect beeswax, as there was no more on Earth, but the crew was killed because of the bees working together after the bee-infecting parasites were killed after Hermes told them about unity in Kwanzaa.

Behind the scenes Edit

The name Nigel 7 is likely a reference to the planet Rigel VII, the name of the planet visited by the Enterprise crew on the first episode produced for the original series of Star Trek: "The Cage".

Appearances Edit

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