New New York City
New New York Cityscape
Planet Earth
First appearance Space Pilot 3000

The City of New New York is a major city on the planet Earth located in the State of New New York, and is where the Planet Express building is located.

The city is built directly on top of the ruins of Old New York, which is still accessible via the New New York Sewer System. However, the residents of New New York consider the older city dangerous, as it is populated by mysterious and repulsive Mutants.

As with any major city, New New York is a cosmopolitan place rife with crime, vices, and corruption. Similar to the cultural melting pot of Old New York, New New York is home to a number of alien minorities.

Old New York was heavily damaged or destroyed in 2308 by Bender while working for the Nude people in Bender's Big Score. This destruction was first seen as part of the first episode, Space Pilot 3000.

Madison Cube Garden

Madison Cube Garden

Places of Interest Edit

Applied Cryogenics building

Applied Cryogenics

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