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Neutral Planet
Native species Neutrals
Member of Democratic Order of Planets

The Neutral Planet was a grayish planet and the home to the Neutrals. The capital city was Neutropolis. The government was admittedly neutral and was led by the Neutral President. The government's motto was "Live Free or Don't."

A new DOOP Headquarters was built in orbit of the Neutral Planet in a show of diplomacy, however, it was accidentally blown up by Zapp Brannigan of the Nimbus.

After being stricken of his rank and parking privileges, Brannigan went on to attack the Neutral Planet. Sending the Planet Express Ship on a collision course to the planet, he briefly set off a Beige Alert on the planet. Thankfully, Leela was able to stop the collision, although all credit went to Zapp Brannigan.


The Neutral Embassy on Earth.

The Neutral Planet has an embassy in Washington, D.C. on Earth.

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