• Amy: Attention passengers. Please remain seated until the plane comes to a complete crash.
  • Hermes: (waking) Ah, you're cooking me back bacon. Thank you, woman.
  • LaBarbara: (seeing Hermes' flesh sizzling) That's not back bacon! That's your back, baking!
  • Rock Alien: Whichever gender reaches the cave will survive. And may the inferior gender burst into something. Flames, I guess.
  • (disappears into a weird, blue puff of smoke).
  • Hattie: Now I got a whatchacallit instead of a kajigger, you stupid whatchacallit!
  • Dr. Zoidberg: Did one of you chicks change the thermostat?
  • Fry: Never bet against me being stupid.
  • Leela: I hate being a man. I smell bad, my face is scratchy, and the food at those strip clubs is terrible.

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