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Planet of origin Neptune
Skin color Purple
Hair color Black
Known members Elzar
Robot Santa's Elves
First appearance My Three Suns

Neptunians are four-armed, pig-like-nosed, purple aliens. Although they come from the planet Neptune, some reside in other areas of the Universe, such as Little Neptune and New New York. One of their most famous residents is the chef, Elzar.

The size of the Neptunian may vary: as the native Neptunians are malnourished by the reigning Santa Claus Robot and therefore, their growth is stunted, while others of the species are much taller. They can be short if treated as badly as Robot Santa Claus did in A Tale of Two Santas. They seem to frequently hold hand with their mates, even in undesirable scenarios as exemplified by one neptunian's bemoaned response to his mate accepting to help Bender, Philip J. Fry I and Turanga Leela to stop Santa Claus. Not much else is known about them.

Known Neptunians Edit

Appearances Edit

Love and rocket

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