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Ned Farnsworth
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 217
Planet Earth
Relatives Mother: Grandma Farnsworth
Wife: Velma Farnsworth
Sons: Floyd Farnsworth and Hubert J. Farnsworth
Grandsons: Cubert J. Farnsworth and Igner
First appearance "A Clockwork Origin"
Voiced by David Herman

Ned Farnsworth (b. 2797) is the husband of Velma Farnsworth. He is the father of Hubert J. Farnsworth and Floyd Farnsworth. He is the paternal grandfather of Cubert J. Farnsworth and Igner.


Family Tree Edit

     Mr. Gleisner--+--Mrs. Gleisner Enos Fry--+--Mildred Fry  David Farnsworth
                   |                                                         |                          | 
              Mrs. Fry------------------+---------------------Yancy Fry, Sr.                    | 
                                            |                                                           | 
                           +----------------+------------------+                                        | 

Philip J. Fry I---+---Turanga Leela Yancy Fry, Jr. --+-- (Wife) |

                                                                             |                          | 
                                                            Philip J. Fry II--+--Njörd(?)       | 
                                                                                  ~                     |
                                                                                  |                     | 
                                                                  Grandma Farnsworth (possibly)     | 
                                                                               |                        | 
                                                 Velma Farnsworth--+--Ned Farnsworth------------+ 
                                                             |                  |
Ogden Wernstrom----+----Mom------+-----Hubert J. Farnsworth  Floyd Farnsworth
                       |                 |               |               
                   +---+----+         Igner    Cubert J. Farnsworth
               Walt Larry

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