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Near-Death Wish
Near-Death Wish
Episode 124
Production Code 7ACV10
Season 9
Air date August 15, 2012
Directed By Lance Kramer
Written By Eric Horsted
Opening subtitle There's No Bismuth Like Show Bismuth
Opening cartoon TBA
Preceded by "Free Will Hunting"
Followed by "31st Century Fox"

Near-Death Wish is the tenth episode of production season seven and season 7 (broadcast).


Fry wins an award for Best Delivery Boy and wanted to thank the Professor for being there, but he didn't show up. The next morning, The Professor explains he didn't show up because he "Caught a bad case of who gives a crap.". Upset with how the Professor treats him, Fry says that he wishes he had more family, to which Zoidberg mentions that The Professor's parents are still alive on the Near Death Star to which Fry, Bender and Leela all go to visit. After finding them, Fry nicknames his realitives "Gram-gram" and "Shabi-doo". The crew enters the virtual reality and discovered that they live in a run down virtual retirement home. Fry connected with his relatives and when he left, she kissed them goodbye to where one of the Life Support system plugs fell off and the security considered it "Elder Abuse" and began attacking. Leela grabbed Gram-gram and Shabi-doo and used them as batteries and escape. After been taken to Planet Express, the eldery couple see their son for the first time in years and he tells them he doesn't want to see them again.

Soon after, Fry spends time with Gram-gram and Shaba-doo, not realising that The Professor is watching them. While they are spied on, Leela and Amy noticed the Professor's behavior and he tells them while bathing that his parents never cared about his life and how they ruined his dream of going to a college he was accepted in at age eleven by moving to a farm. He runs off into the street completely nude and returns to the old farm he grew up in. His parents, Fry, Leela and Bender go to the farm and The Professor's parents confess he had a brother named Floyd who wanted to be a scientist but had nightstirs which is why his parent's never had time for Hubert.

They explain that Floyd tried to run away but went insane and was sent to the Insane Asylum. After a moment of confusion, the elderly couple realize that Hubert was the one who went to the insane asylum and Floyd became a rodeo clown. After reconiling with his parents, Bender mentions a homeless rodeo clown came to the door at the Planet Express building a few years ago but was interupted by Fry. Gram-Gram and Shaba-doo return to the Near Death Star where the Professor upgrades the virtual reality into their old farm. The Professor then presses a button which regains his and his parents youthful appearances and they play together one last time.

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