Giovanni "Nanni" Baldini (born August 13, 1975) is an Italian voice actor and dialogue writer. He is best known for voicing Stewie Griffin in the Italian-Language version of the animated sitcom Family Guy. He has also voiced Donkey in the Italian dub of the Shrek film series.

He has dubbed the voices of many fictional characters into the Italian language. Such as Jack McFarland in Will & Grace, Pacey Witter in Dawson's Creek, The 11th Doctor in Doctor Who and Ephram Brown in Everwood. Before he was born, his older brother Oreste portrayed Vito Corelone as a child in the opening scenes of The Godfather: Part II.

In the Italian-Language version of Futurama, he voiced Slurms MacKenzie in the episode Fry and The Slurm Factory.

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