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Mutated Mark Mothersbaugh
Gender Male
Species Formerly: Human
Currently: Mutant
Planet Earth
Profession Musician
First appearance The Mutants Are Revolting
Voiced by Himself

Mutated Mark Allen Mothersbaugh (born May 18, 1950) is an American musician. In the 31st century, he is still the lead singer of Devo, a job he has kept at least part-time since 1972, but has become a green octopus-like mutant with four eyes, whose DNA is 40% potato. He participated in the Devolution Revolution of September of 3010 that officially granted the sewer mutants their freedom.

Trivia Edit


Dwayne (left) and Mutated Mark Mothersbaugh (right) with his umbrella

  • He has a small umbrella (which is very similar to an energy dome) that he used to protect himself from the sewage wave.

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