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Turanga Munda
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Age 50's/60's possibly
Planet Earth
Profession Wife and Mother
Relatives Grandmother: Munda's grandmother

Mother: Munda's mother

Husband: Turanga Morris

Daughter: Turanga Leela

Son-in-law: Philip J. Fry

Grandchildren: Kif's offspring

Grand-Grandson: Sam J. Fry

Grand-Granddaughter: Lucy Fry

Grand-Grandson-in-law: Bolt Brannigan

Great-Granddaughter: Bella Brannigan

Status Alive
First appearance "I Second That Emotion"
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
I'm scared and confused. I think we've wandered into an off-Broadway play.

–Turanga Munda in Less Than Hero

Turanga Munda, Ph.D. is the mother of Leela and wife of Turanga Morris. She has one eye, a donkey's tail, octopus tentacles as arms, and purple hair. She has a Ph.D. in Exolinguistics, which enabled her to write the indecipherable note left with Leela at the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium to convince them that she was an alien, which would allow her to live a more comfortable life on the surface. She was reunited with Leela during the fourth season, in the episode Leela's Homeworld.

Munda is also the mother-in-law of Philip J. Fry, the grand-grandmother of Sam and Lucy Fry and the maternal grandmother of Jay and Ashley Kroker (Kif and Amy's son and daughter).

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