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Turanga Morris
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Planet Earth
Relatives Grandmother-in-law: Unnamed
Mother-in-law: Unnamed
Wife: Turanga Munda
Daughter: Turanga Leela
Son-in-law: Philip J. Fry
Grandchildren: Kif's offspring
First appearance "I Second That Emotion"
Voiced by David Herman
"Fine, Sweetiekins, we'll be the strictest parents ever. Now, let's all have some tequila to celebrate!"
"Dad! I'm underage!"
"Oh, right. Here's a silly straw."

Turanga Morris is the father of Leela and the husband of Turanga Munda. Since he is a mutant he lives in the sewers under New New York City. He has one eye, a vertical mouth, as well as sheds his skin.

He is very irresponsible and encourages the consumption of alcohol by practically everybody including Leela when she was transformed into a teenager due to the effects of rejuvenating tar. He also tended not to punish Leela until she said he was supposed to send her to her room as punishment. He was reunited with Leela during the fourth season. His dream is to surf all the sewers of the Earth.

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