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Gender Male
Species Alien (unknown species)
Age 42
Planet Earth (not originally)
Profession News Reporter for Channel √2 News
Relatives Wife: Fawn
First appearance A Big Piece of Garbage
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
… Kittens give Morbo gas. In lighter news, the city of New New York is doomed.

–Morbo, A Big Piece of Garbage

Morbo the Annihilator (born November 13, 2971) better known as Morbo, is a recurring character on Futurama . He is a green, reptilian alien with a big, pulsating brain, who bides his time on Earth in the city of Los Angeles, anchoring "Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonite" side by side with puny human co-host Linda, and awaiting the day on which the time would be ripe to destroy the inferior humans. He tends to call humans "puny" and "inferior" and blurts out "I will destroy you all!" He also has his own show called Tea with Titans, where he meets with many famous people, including Zapp Brannigan, Space Pope, Billionairebot, and Mom, and hosts the game show Who Dares to Be a Millionaire.

Morbo is married to Fawn, the mercilessly cruel monster of his life, and their spawn is, in Morbo's own words, "belligerent and numerous." Morbo enjoys busying himself with relaying the weaknesses of the humans to his own race, learning all there is to know about windmills, and Richard Nixon. He dislikes his wife's cooking and kittens, which give him gas. He even states he hates his wife, stating he will destroy her like he plans to on humans. He is also good friends with Richard Nixon.

Behind the scenes

In all appearances of the character, Morbo is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who also voices Kif, and uses essentially the same thundering voice for Lrrr.






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