Morbo's species
Skin color Green
Known members Morbo
First appearance A Big Piece of Garbage

Although relatively little is known about the species to which Morbo and his family belong, there are several conclusions we can draw based on Morbo's statements and actions throughout the series.

Physiology Edit

It appears that Morbo and his kind are fairly similar to humans in their bipedal structure, diet, and climate preferences. However, there are several differences that bear mentioning. The principal difference is their skulls, which have been shown or mentioned to fulfill many functions. There is a solid bone-like structure that appears when subjected to x-rays. Additionally, the forehead of the species acts as a deposit for excess fat. Finally, their large heads have the capacity to inflate and deflate to help the alien keep cool in higher temperatures.

Other differences from humans Edit

  • They do not have noses, only nostrils.
  • Their knees are more versatile and sturdy than those of humankind.
  • Based on Linda's reaction to seeing Morbo's exposed chest, we can easily assume it's very different from human chest.

As a Political/Military Entity Edit

If we are to believe Morbo, his species is on the verge of launching an invasion of Earth. Judging by Earth's track record, it will likely be successful.

Appearances Edit

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