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Mildred Fry
Gender Female
Species Human
Age In 1947 she was in her mid twenties
Planet Earth
Profession Waitress
Relatives See Family Tree
Status Deceased
First appearance "Roswell that Ends Well"
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
"Killed? In an atomic blast? No, sir, I'm afraid I don't take much solace in the fact that the implosion trigger functioned perfectly."
Mildred Fry (receiving news that Enos has died)

Mildred Fry was the fiancé to Enos Fry and the mother of Yancy Fry Sr. She was the paternal grandmother of Yancy Fry Jr. and Philip J. Fry. In 1947, Fry encountered her as waitress when he traveled back in time.

After Enos was killed in a house that turned out to be a test site for an atomic bomb, she was consoled by her grandson who Mildred felt reminded her deeply of Enos (unaware that Philip was her own grandson) and asked if he would walk her home. Once there she, grieved over her fiancé and immediately began flirting with Fry, making him uncomfortable. In an effort to distract Mildred, Fry asks her to make him sugar cookies to cheer her up, but Mildred, refusing to deterred, rips open her dress and thrust her breasts at him, remarking "How about these cookies, sugar?".

Fry was hesitant about having sex with Mildred but got over it ,incorrectly reasoning that since he still existed and Enos was dead, Mildred wasn't actually his grandmother. Before he could finish his sentence Mildred kissed him and the two made passionate love on the couch. As a result of sleeping with Mildred, Fry conceived his father and became his own grandfather.

The next morning Fry noticed that Mildred started acting like his own grandmother in his own time, but was out of place as in the 1940s she was an attractive, beautiful and sexy young woman. She suddenly wore reading glasses and was hard of hearing. It was then that fry realized that Mildred was in fact his grandmother and in sleeping with her it made him his own grandfather.

Philip's affair with Mildred was a likely reference to a parody country song I'm My Own Grandpa, where the singer recounts a complex family tree only to say at the end he somehow married his own widowed grandmother. Nibbler was also aware of what Fry did to Mildred, and commented in "The Why Of Fry" that "the nasty from the past-y" cost him the delta brain wave, and thus, his born immunity to the Brainspawn.

Family Tree Edit

Mr. Gleisner──┬──Mrs. Gleisner     Philip J. Fry──┬──Mildred
              │                                   │
           Mrs. Fry───────────┬────────────Yancy Fry, Sr.
                    ┌─────────┴─────────┐                   (?)─┬─David Farnsworth
                    │                   │                       │
              Philip J. Fry        Yancy Fry──┬──Unknown (Many generations)      
                                              │                 │
                                       Philip J. Fry II──┬──Njörd(?)
                                                (Many generations)
    (?)Wernstrom────┬────Mom─────────┬─────────Hubert J. Farnsworth
                    │                │                   │               
                ┌───┴───┐          Igner         Cubert Farnsworth
                │       │                                (clone)
            Walt   Larry

Trivia Edit

  • The food Mildred serves in her job as a waitress includes chilli dogs, and a pie with a fried egg on top. It does not include mead, paella, injections of femi-slim and types of soylent green, soylent orange and soylent coleslaw (as requested by the Professor and Leela).

Appearances Edit

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