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Michelle is Fry's beautiful ex-girlfriend. Their relationship was an abusive one, with Michelle constantly berating and controlling Fry, as well as cheating on him repeatedly.


Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39
Planet Earth
Profession unknown (Daughter, Ex-Girlfriend and Ex-Wife)
Relatives Mother: Beth Jenkins

Ex-Boyfriend: Philip J. Fry

Ex-Husband: Charles Constantine

Status Alive (in the future)
First appearance "Space Pilot 3000"
Voiced by Kath Soucie
Sarah Silverman
She broke up with Fry on December 31, 1999 from a taxi cab she was sharing with her lover, Constantine. She told Fry she left his stuff on the sidewalk as the taxi pulled away. She had sexual intercourse with Constantine later that night, before being interrupted by a time-traveling Bender, who was being forced to hunt down and kill Fry by Nudar. Some time later, after a failed marriage, she froze herself to start a new life in the future. From 2012, she was supposed to unfreeze in 254 years, but Fry's time paradox duplicate, Lars Fillmore, hitched a ride on her cryo tube, setting the time for 990 years. In 3002, she was surprised to find that it was Fry thawing her and the two rekindled their romance. Michelle could not adjust to her new surroundings and re-froze both herself and Fry, for another thousand years. Upon awakening, they found themselves in a desolate wasteland. Trying to make a life for themselves, they joined a society of feral adolescents. After the teens were picked up in an armored SUV, Fry grew tired of Michelle's constant nagging and left. Fry soon discovered he had only been frozen for a few days and that he was in Los Angeles. Presumably learning this as well, Michelle hooked up with the recently thawed Pauly Shore.

Michelle cheating on Fry with Constantine.

Michelle was briefly seen at Fry's funeral, along with his other flames.

In the episode "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences", she is seen at Comic-Con with much longer hair.

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