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  • I do not wish to be a problem but I am having trouble editing the reference section of Möbius Dick. I had noticed that one of the ships in the Ship Graveyard of the Bermuda Tetrahedron was the ship from Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space. As I can not seem to edit the page, as it simply goes grey, and does not load the editor. I was wondering if you could add this information, or otherwise inform me what I may be doing wrong.

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    • Since it takes several months to make an animated episode, this is probably a case of the people making Josie didn't know it was going to be cancelled, so they couldn't plan out a finale. It used to be that decisions about whether to cancel or renew a series didn't happen until the spring after the full season was completed.

      Then there's the viewpoint that a cartoon should be "timeless" and "never-ending" so the deliberately don't write a finale. It just stops having new episodes. As Michael Nesmith put it in The Monkees' reunion special that tied into their Justus album, "Our show didn't end. We just weren't on the air."

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    • A few good points, I was only suggesting that if one so desired they could connect the two series. I was not saying anything as if concrete.

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  • Dear RRabbit42,

    I am contacting you on behalf of the Community Development Team at Wikia. We have developed an exciting new feature for sharing your community and its content on social networks.

    We have developed Social Icons that do not affect the content space, and that allow users to share the main page or any article page. Here is an example of the buttons in action: Entertainment Wikia.

    Please let me know if you'd like me to install the Social Buttons on your wikia.


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  • Some users here are from Simpsons Wiki, including me, you and ToyStoryFan. (although ToyStoryFan is inactive on this wiki.)

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  • I was just about to reply to a post on your talk page when it said it was locked and I got worried lol

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