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  • This episode is the series finale.
  • The comment of "I'll have what she's having" by the woman in the restaurant when Leela is crying in pain from having her hand bitten off by the clam is a reference to the famous "deli scene" in When Harry Met Sally....
  • When Fry and Leela are swinging, the other characters, frozen in time, are in the same position as the plastic monkeys from the old toy "Barrel of Monkeys."

Trivia Edit

  • As Fry is falling from the Vampire State Building, he sees the time is 6:25 but his watch says 7:03. Since the Time Button operates for ten seconds at a time, this 38 minute difference means that Fry used the Time Button 228 times to make the arrangements to propose to Leela. (This assumes his watch was in sync with the clock on the building.) The last of the 228 times was to prevent her hand from being bitten off by the clam at the restaurant.

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