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Gender Male
Planet Earth
Profession Kung fu trainer
Owner of robot fighter Destructor
First appearance Raging Bender
Voiced by David Herman,
Knone Young
"But, you see, I have the will of the warrior. Therefore, the battle is already over. The winner? Me! Rematch? You lose again! Had enough? I thought so!"
Fnog to Leela[source]

Fnog is a misogynistic kung fu master. He is the one who taught Leela kung fu when she was a child. He was mean towards Leela because she was a girl and he thought the girls shouldn't be able to fight. Whenever he challenged Leela to a fight, he "won" because Leela lacks "the will of a warrior" because she is a girl. Soon, he made a robot called the Destructor who fought Bender, but Fnog was controlling it. Leela knocked him out but that caused Destructor to fall on top of Bender, flattening him.

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