Manlio De Angelis
Manlio De Angelis.Image
Gender Male
Date of birth January 9, 1935
Date of death July 3, 2017
Character(s) voiced Barbados Slim
Regular or guest Regular
First appearance Unknown
Manlio De Angelis (January 9, 1935 - July 3, 2017) was an Italian actor, voice actor, dialogue writer and dubbing director. He was the father of the late Vittorio De Angelis and Eleonora De Angelis who are also voice actors. His father Gualtiero De Angelis was also a voice actor as well as his nephew Massimiliano Virgilii. His older brother Enrico De Angelis was a singer and a former member of Quartetto Cetra, which was a vocal quartet. 

He was the most prominent voice actors for celebrities like Alan Arkin, Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider and Joe Pesci. He was best known for voicing David Starsky in the Italian dub of Starsky & Hutch and Martin Brody in the Jaws film series. He also voiced Nicky Santoro in Casino

His animated film roles have included Friar Tuck in the 1973 version of Robin Hood and Saddam Hussein in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

In the Italian-Language version of Futurama, he provided the voices of Barbados Slim in his debut appearance and Lrrr from Seasons 6-7 replacing Francesco Pannofino.

He died on July 3rd 2017 in Porto Rotondo, Olbia, Sardinia at the age of 82. Two years before his death, his son Vittorio De Angelis died prematurely of a heart attack at the age of 52.