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Male Leela

Male Leela photographing men-turned-women for the calendar.

"I hate being a man! I smell bad, my face is scratchy, and the food at those strip clubs is terrible."
Male Leela
Male Leela
Gender Male
Species Human/Mutant
Age 25 or 35
Planet Earth
Status Gender Reversed
First appearance Neutopia
Voiced by Katey Sagal

Male Leela, hence the name, is a gender-swapped version of Turanga Leela. In the episode Neutopia, she temporarily becomes a man. The notable differences between him and his female counterpart Leela is that he wears his hair in a low ponytail, has a five-o-clock shadow, no eyelashes, he doesn't wear lipstick and is muscular.

It's hinted that like female Leela, he is in love with Philip J. Fry I's female counterpart as he is the only one who took pictures of her for the calendar and neither male Amy or male Labarbara were present at Fry's shoot.



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