• Hubert: I remember it like it was interesting...
  • Lando: We'll deliver that package, or die trying!
  • Amy: Uh oh, the dials are terrified!
  • Bender: Wow! Interesting! I'm both impressed and being eaten.
  • Zoidberg: Relax, friends. (The space whale reappears.) Panic, jerks!
  • Hermes: You been hittin' the Red Stripe, woman!
  • Leela: I'll have to be my OWN crew! Understood? You've gone mad, Captain! That's enough out of me!
  • Leela: With my OXO GoodGrips cheese knife, I stab at thee! (Stabs ineffectually.) You do know I'm stabbing at thee, right?
  • Fry: Like that Bible guy who got swallowed by a whale...Pinocchio!
  • Amy: This is all "Obsessie Bessie"'s fault!
  • Mrs. Wong: Poor Amy! My days of joy and luck are over! Guess I gotta quit that club.
  • Turanga Munda: You always think you're going to disappear in space before your children.
  • The Popsicle Vendor: Popsicles! Can't mourn the dead without a popsicle!
  • Mrs. Wong: (as Leela reintroduces Captain Tucker to his family) I don't know him! What else you got?

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