• The Futurama and The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening guest stars in this episode as himself, presumably alongside with the whole Futurama crew.
  • "Futurella" Is a reference to the shows name.
  • It has a number of references to Star Wars
  1. On the Comic con sign it says with a free Ewok pelting
  2. Leela is dressed as Princess Leia in her "cinnamon-bun" hairstyle appearance
  3. Another obese woman is also dressed as Princess Leia in her metal bikini appearance
  • Each of the crew are dressed as game or film characters at theComic-con
  1. Fry as Charlie Brown's Halloween Ghost
  2. Bender as Leela (winner of the contest)
  3. Leela as Princess Leia from Star Wars
  4. Doctor Zoidberg as Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean
  5. Someone is dressed as Yivo
  6. Someone as the Robot Devil
  7. Scruffy as a Na'vi from the film Avatar
  8. The floating Brains from The Why of Fry
  9. The Whale Biologist as a character from Sailor moon
  10. The announcer as Mario
  11. Contestant 36 as Spider Man
  12. A few people as Mom, Walt, Larry, and Igner.
  13. A random woman Slave Leia
  14. A boy as Waldo from a Where's Waldo book

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