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  • Lrrr: Hey, I was watching that! The Saints just needed a field goal to tie!
  • Fry: Well, that's because he was bitten by a radioactive superman!
  • Bender: Yeah, when are you going to make a second Simpsons Movie? [A panel slides open from underneath Groening's nameplate. A gun slides out and shoots Bender.] D'oh!
  • Leela: Yeah, you almost ate me once. I was in your mouth for five minutes.
  • Lrrr: Leave me alone. My wife hates me and planetary conquest has become a chore.
  • Zapp: To hell with Little Orphan Annie! We've got to do something.
  • Lrrr: I'm just trying to get the leg taste out of my mouth.
  • Ndnd: You lied? What else have you been hiding from me?
  • Ndnd: You want me to stop nagging? Then shoot me!
  • Lane: Oh, Delivery-Boy Man! You saved me by random chance.

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