Lrrr's father
Gender Male
Species Omicronian
Relatives Son: Lrrr
Daughter-in-law: Ndnd
Grandson: Jrrr
Status Alive
First appearance Into the Wild Green Yonder

Lrrr's father is an old omicronian who is unsatisfied with what his son has been doing, even though Lrrr has tried a lot to make him proud.

He was in the audience of the Universal Poker Championship in Mars Vegas to watch his son win the grand prize although Fry beat him to the win.

Lrrr later states that he murdered him, however he may have just been showing off for Grrrl.


Since most Omicronians are named for their respective position, it's possible Lrrr's father is named Frrr, because he's a Father.

Appearances Edit

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